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From cookie docs for setMaxAge(int): Is there any difference between int = 0 and int = -ve? It says 0 deletes cookie. -ve value means cookie is not stored. Does that mean 0 deletes only from current browser session?

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I suggest you go read about cookies from a browser perspective. It's very interesting. Note that 'max-age' is the newer version of 'expires' and some browsers may not support it. (For example, IE6, IE7, and IE8 don't support max-age.)

0 means delete the cookie right now.

negative means preserve the cookie for a while. I suspect the scope is somewhat browser specific but it will not preserve the cookie across closing and reopening the browser.

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Setting setMaxAge to 0 will delete the cookie. Setting it to -1 will preserve it until the browser is closed.

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setMaxAge(int) as mentioned by Oracle setting max age 0 will delete the cookie instantly. While -1 will delete the cookie when the browser is closed.

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