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I have a huge problem with editing controls for my game.. I have an ingame button and when you click it. The "Choose your key.." text appears, but I don't know how to actually set it up..

I have made a "waiting for input" bool.. THIS IS NOT THE REAL CODE IT'S HOW I IMAGINE IT TO BE

if (buttonIsClicked) waitinForInput = true;

kbState = Keyboard.GetState();
somehow convert it to Keys.(STH);
if (Keys.STH != defaultKeys)
defaultKeys = Keys.STH;
waitingForInput = false;

Is there a way to do this.. Simpliest as I can? And sorry for my bad english.. Made this in a hurry and not my native language..

Thanks for any help.. :-)

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Something like this:

 KeyboardState currentKeyboardState = new KeyBoardState();
 KeyboardState previousKeyboardState = new KeyBoardState();

 Keys jumpKey = Keys.Space;

 public void handleInput()
     lastKeyboardState = currentKeyboardState;

     currentKeyboardState = Keyboard.GetState(PlayerIndex.One);

     bool waitingForKey = false;

     if(currentKeyboardState.IsKeyDown(Keys.A) && waitingForKey == false)
         waitingForKey = true;            

     if(waitingForKey == true)
          //currentKeyboardState.GetPressedKeys() returns a list of pressed keys,
          //So, currentKeyboardState.GetPressedKeys()[0] returns the first pressed key

          if(currentKeyboardState.GetPressedKeys().Count() > 0)
            jumpKey = currentKeyboardState.GetPressedKeys()[0];
            waitingForKey = false;
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Wow.. That really helped.. Thanks a lot.. :-) I didn't know that there is possibility for using something like currentKeyboardState.GetPressedKeys()[0].. –  Jirka Zvěřina Apr 11 '13 at 20:49
Glad I could help! –  Colton Apr 11 '13 at 23:09

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