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An object lives on the heap. It consists of instance variables. Does it contain methods too, and when we call a method from the object how does it go to the stack?

if I create an object

Test obj=new Test();

Where is the method code ? Is it in object in heap memory or somewhere else?

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The method code is not in the heap - it is in a static area of memory that is populated when the class data is loaded. An object instance contains a reference to this static memory area that allows the runtime system to look up the appropriate method when it is called - this is how method overriding works. Let's say you're calling an instance's equals method - at runtime the JVM looks into the class's static memory area, and either finds the address of an overridden equals method or else it follows a link to the superclass's static memory area in order to find its equals method, stopping when the JVM finds an overridden equals method or else when the JVM finds the Object memory area with its default equals method.

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As seen in http://javapapers.com/core-java/java-jvm-memory-types/:

(...) method area is part of non-heap memory. It stores per-class structures, code for methods and constructors. Per-class structure means runtime constants and static fields.

See also: Where methods live? Stack or in Heap?

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The method code is not duplicated for every instance. Each method is stored only once.

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