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Our app was working fine but, without any change on our side, when we tried to enter our Facebook app outside the canvas (directly on http://example.herokuapp.com), and after providing our FB user and password, we are stuck in an infinite loop where the "state" parameter on the URL is constantly changing:


Inside the FB canvas it is working fine. And we have a twin app (test environment) that is working fine inside and outside the canvas (same code and configuration).

Any ideas?


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Can you post your code? Are you using javascript sdk to handle the user status? –  Fabio Antunes Apr 16 '13 at 11:40
did you try to delete your cookie and try again ? also note that heroku app may switch storage/server at the backend, any state data stored on disk may be destroyed, so make sure you use a "shared session". –  w00d Apr 18 '13 at 20:37

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You did post that question twice, and added a bounty to both of them.. That is weird :P

Facebook app on infinite loop trying to log in out of canvas

As I already answered, someone had the same problem and made a blog post on it :


Might be a configuration problem.

Try updating your sdk too.

Clear cache and cookies.

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