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I am using the select2 for on of my search boxes. I'm getting the results from my URL but I'm not able to select an option from it. I want to use the 'product.productName' as the text to be shown after selection. Is there anything that I have missed out or any mistake that I have made. I have included select2.css and select2.min.js,jquery.js

  function dataFormatResult(product) {
        var markup = "<table class='product-result'><tr>";

        markup += "<td class='product-info'><div class='product-title'>" +     product.productName + "</div>";
        if (product.manufacturer !== undefined) {
            markup += "<div class='product-synopsis'>" + product.manufacturer + "</div>";
        else if (product.productOptions !== undefined) {
            markup += "<div class='product-synopsis'>" + product.productOptions + "</div>";
        markup += "</td></tr></table>";
        return markup;

    function dataFormatSelection(product) {
        return product.productName;
    $(document).ready(function() {
            placeholder: "Search for a product",
            minimumInputLength: 2,
            ajax: {
                url: myURL,
                dataType: 'json',
                data: function(term,page) {
                    return {
                        productname: term 
                results: function(data,page) { 

                    return {results: data.result_object};
            formatResult: dataFormatResult, 
            formatSelection: dataFormatSelection, 
            dropdownCssClass: "bigdrop", 
            escapeMarkup: function(m) {
                return m;

This is my resut_object

"result_object":[{"productName":"samsung galaxy s3","manufacturer":"Samsung","productOptions":"Color;Memory","productOptiondesc":"Silver;32GB"},{"productName":"samsung salaxy s3","manufacturer":"Samsung","productOptions":"Color;Memory","productOptiondesc":"Graphite;32GB"},{"productName":"samsung galaxy s3","manufacturer":"Samsung","productOptions":"Color;Memory","productOptiondesc":"Silver;16GB"}]
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You are missing id attribute for result data. Select2 plugins wants an id field on data and if it has not, it makes option "unselectable".


                    id: function(e) { return e.productName; },
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