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I have a very weird resule in cmd, the current folder is test :



10/04/2013  18:06    <REP>          10042013

in the folder test I've put a exe : oggenc.exe

c:\test\>copy oggenc.exe 10042013

Although when I do a copy the system tells me it cannot find the specified file

I really can't understand what's going wrong, can you please help me ? Thanks in advance

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xcopy /h oggenc.exe 10042013 

Does the trick, my file was hidden that's why copy couldn't do the job, problem solved, thank you.

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That's because c:\test\copy isn't an executable. copy is.

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I'm already in that folder as specified. – Abdelilah Benaou Apr 10 '13 at 19:06
Ah- you've edited the question. So - could you show us a DIR listing of the c:\test directory, please? – Magoo Apr 10 '13 at 19:12

Check to see if you have the appropriate permissions. In my test case I was able to create a folder "C:\test" but not copy my own %userprofile% into "C:\test"

when I opened the cmd as administrator it worked just fine!

I tried to post a picture but apparently don't have a high enough rep yet. sorry.

here is a link to the picture instead http://bit.ly/1ubwjY4

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