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I need to create a class which implements an interface and also has an annotation, and later pass an instance of this class to some API implemented in Java.

With Clojure, I could reify the interface and get an instance like this:

(reify MyInterface (method1 [this] ...))

However, reify doesn't seem to accept annotations. How may I work around this?

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Probably via runtime bytecode manipulation. –  noahlz Apr 10 '13 at 19:55

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First of all reify returns an object not a class. If you need to generate a class with annotations, you will need to use gen-class as shown below (the example shows adding a Deprecated annotation to the class):

(gen-class :name ^{java.lang.Deprecated true} MyClass

Also, you can use deftype:

(deftype ^{java.lang.Deprecated true} MyClass 
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