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I have "PROD-1" db which contains 2 schemas "Schema-1", "Schema-2" I created the private dblink "DBLINK-1" in both the schemas & they are pointing to different targets. here is my configuration

DB Name -> Source Schema -> Target DB -> Target Schema -> Dblink Name

PROD-1 -> Schema-1 -> TPRD-1 -> TSchema-1 -> DBLINK-1

PROD-1 -> Schema-2 -> TPRD-2 -> TSchema-2 -> DBLINK-1

I am using this dblink in procedure and deployed in both Schema-1 & Schema-2 when I compile the proc in Schema-1 it is invalidating Schema-2 proc & vice versa. here is the sample proc

CREATE OR REPLACE procedure test_dblink

is v_cnt number;

   select count(*) into v_cnt from DUAL@DBLINK-1;


as per my understanding, DBLINK-1 is a private dblink for the Schema-1 & Schema-2; therefore it should not conflict with each other. however, when I executed the procedures at the same time in both schemas, one procedure exectued successfully & other one was waiting for first one to complete then complete.

this is what may be happening

  1. Schema-1 proc started first and Proc status is Valid. Schema-2 proc was waiting
  2. Schema-1 proc completed now. Schema-2 proc came out of wait mode & invalidated the DBLink-1 in Schema-1. therefore Schema-1 proc is now Invalid status
  3. Schema-2 proc run and complete. Schema-2 proc is Valid now

My question is, how can I manage the same DBLink in two different schema of same DB without this conflict?

Appreciate you help

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this is bad practice to name objects the same in different schema's but ... you are right - dblinks are private objects. are you creating the procedures from the user it self ? (i mean , you ran the create procedure while logged on as schema-1 ? ) –  haki Apr 11 '13 at 7:22
Hello Haki, thanks for your response. Finally I found the problem by creating the P1 ticket with Oracle. Bug 7395995 –  Lava Apr 17 '13 at 19:22

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