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I'm having a problem trying to read in windows a CSV file generated in MAC.

My question is how can I convert the encoding to UTF-8 or even ISO-8859-1.

I've already tried iconv with no success.

Inside "vim" I can understand that in this file linebreaks are marked with ^M and the accent ã is marked with <8b>, Ç = <82> and so on.

Any ideas?

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besides encoding of line end iconv should do the trick. Can you give some information which encoding your input file uses? – mikyra Apr 10 '13 at 20:47

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To convert from encoding a to encoding b, you need to know what encoding a is.

Given that

ã is marked with <8b>, Ç = <82>

encoding a is very likely Mac OS Roman.

So call iconv with macintosh* as from argument, and utf-8 as to argument.

*try macroman, x-mac-roman etc if macintosh is not found

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