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I was wondering if this is possible.

Let's say I have the following changesets

Changeset 5: Did Something to file c.txt
Changeset 4: Added some change to File b.txt
Changeset 3: Added some change to File a.txt
Changeset 2: Did Something to file c.txt
Changeset 1: Did Something to file c.txt

I realized that from changeset 3 to 5, I messedup and I want to go back to changeset 2 [Easily done with an update].

Now I work off of Changeset 2 and I make changeset 6, which has the parent of changeset2.

If I merge Changeset 2 into Changeset 5, The changes to file b.txt and file a.txt will show up in the merged heads. Is there a way to just make changeset 6 my new head?

A couple of constraints. I don't want to start a new branch, and I cannot strip the changes since they are already pushed to the server.

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You should be able to accomplish this by closing the anonymous branch ending in changeset 5 with hg update -r <id of changeset 5>; hg commit --close-branch. –  Reimer Behrends Apr 11 '13 at 11:43
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  • backout 3 and 4 in changeset 7
  • merge 6 and 7
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