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In our rails 3.2.12 engine, there is a model misc_definition. Here is a line in the misc_definition model:

attr_accessible :brief_note, :for_which, :name, :ranking_order, :as => :role_new

The form for creating new misc_definition is:

<%= simple_form_for @misc_definition do |f| %>     
  <%= f.input :name, :label => name_label %>
  <%= f.input :brief_note, :label => "Brief Note:", :input_html => {:rows => 2} %> 
  <%= f.input :for_which, :input_html => {:value => @for_which}, :as => :hidden %>
  <%= f.input :ranking_order, :label => 'Ranking Index', :placehoder => '1, 2, 3 ...'%> 
  <%= f.button :submit, 'Save' %>  
<% end %> 

There is no active in the form above for new misc_definition. The error in rspec is:

       ←[31mCan't mass-assign protected attributes: active←[0m
←[36m     # ./app/controllers/projectx/misc_definitions_controller.rb:29:in `new'←[0m

line 29 in controller is:

@misc_definition =[:misc_definition], :as => :role_new)

The error disappears when adding active to :role_new's attr_accessible list untill every field is added to the attr_accessible list. However in regular rails app, there is no problem if the field is not in the list of attr_accessible, rails app just skips assigning any value to the field. However in rails engine, it throws out mass_assignment error for any field which is not on the form new.

Is there someone having the idea about the mass_assign error in rails engine? Is it a bug in rails engine? Thanks.

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This wouldn't happen to be related to this, would it? – PinnyM Apr 10 '13 at 21:18
It is the same issue. We initially reported under rails issue. Now the same problem happen again(never been solved). We want to see if anyone else has had the same issue. – user938363 Apr 10 '13 at 22:49

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