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I have a very very simple implementation of linq to sql in a sharepoint 2010 service application, but ran into a bit of a roadblock.

There are no generated classes, im just using a System.Data.Linq.Mapping statement, a [Table(Name="")] tag in the class and the columns with a [Column(Name="")] tag. And in the context object I made, it extends the DataContext class, and has a Table<> object. Nothing more.

Yesterday I was asked to remove a column from the DB (fairly late in implementation) but it was a simple job. I deleted the column from the db, removed the object from the class and went through all of my affected code to remove references to this old column.

However, I am getting an Invalid Column Error whenever the linq to sql object for that table is used.

I have deleted the table and recreated it, cleaned my VS solution, rebuilt it, re checked it out from our repo, deleted all generated objects from the file system and have yet to fix this.

Does anyone have an idea of how to fix it?

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