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I'm trying to get the printf function to print out a line of variables with stored values, one of which can possibly contain an asterisk symbol. Reasoning for using printf is so that I can follow the format style already within the limits.conf file, having each variable fixed in a designated amount of space. It works fine with anything other than "*".

printf "#"'%-15s %-7s %-15s %-8s\n' $domain $type $item $value >> ~/etc/security/limits.conf

lets say for instance: domain=* type=hard item=core value=100

When doing this, I strangely get a listing of all my directories in the limits.conf file, even though the value of domain is "*" Not sure at all for a way around this. Hope someone can help! Thanks in advance!

An example of how the entry looks:

#<domain>      <type>  <item>         <value>

#*               soft    core            0
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Try it this way:

printf "#"'%-15s %-7s %-15s %-8s\n' "$domain" "$type" "$item" "$value" >> ~/etc/security/limits.conf

That should protect the * from filename expansion - which is what you are seeing. It also prevents other problems.

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