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I'm searching for a lightweight e-Commerce web-application implemented in PHP5 and using MySQL as storage db.

main requirements are:

  • as small as possible
  • Free or Open Source
  • supporting multi-language (best if utf-8 was primarily supported)
  • easy to use (don't need core to be bloated with functionality I won't use)
  • basic system for setting up prices, multi-language strings and images
  • small overhead on server
  • fast to deploy

Please don't recommend Magento as I found it a little bloated for the functionality I'm looking for.

looking forward for your tips / recommendation

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On OpenSourceCMS you can try out 10 free php e-Commerce-applications.

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Try http://www.opencart.com/

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opencart looks pretty solid and fast, do you have any experience with setting up more languages? (specifically i need to have product descriptions with 2 languages) –  Juraj Blahunka Oct 20 '09 at 10:55
Adding additional languages is easy. Product descriptions are free. (The code is a mess though.) –  christian studer May 18 '10 at 18:57

OSCommerce is another very popular one, but i agree with the first answer also.

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As near as I can tell Magento, OScommerce, ZenCart, and OpenCart, are all too bloated, or require features that free hosting providers wont support. I found one host that would support Zencart, but php's mail() function was disabled- so you'd never get notified of a transaction. One of these scripts (I'm sorry I forgot which) requires a graphics library that isn't (and wouldn't) be installed on any host I could find. Another host wouldn't install cURL rendering all of these options unusable. I found another host that fully supported all of Magento's requirements, except they had a limit of 10,000 files per account, and Magento exceeded that before it even got done being unzipped.

so basically, there are two choices:
1) Pay for decent hosting, so you can use one of these scripts.
2) Roll your own based on your hosts rules. Dont expect it to be portable.

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Some recommendations can be found for the question What’s the best free and opensource PHP ecommerce solution? (and why?).

In my opinion if you're looking for lightweight (which is hard to define for e-comemrce), Zen Cart, OSCommerce or OpenCart would be a good bet.

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While searching for answer for similar question I found this tread not long after I found one quite fresh solution - LiteCart (http://www.litecart.net/overview) - seems like they solved a lot of problems that are related to other mentioned ecommerce suites.

The only con for me was it's lacking wide range of themes, but if you are familiar with HTML then you can make your own.

Hope that this information helps ;)

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I love Magento. I blows the pants off OSCommerce in my opinion.

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magentocommerce.com –  Minow Nov 3 '09 at 15:35
well, I specifically asked not to include Magento in answers and I gave reasons why –  Juraj Blahunka Nov 3 '09 at 21:43
Woops! Didnt raed that part ;) –  Minow Nov 4 '09 at 0:11
magento blows =/ –  qodeninja Apr 24 '10 at 18:46

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