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Is it possible to make the font color change to the wiki-specific default text (or default color of links) automatically?

For example, you want to define font color with the font tag, and you insert a value that causes the font color to automatically change to the text (or link) color of the wiki.

Something like this: <font color="the mysterious value">This text will appear in the default link color of this wiki.</font>

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Do you want this to happen everywhere on the site, or only where you put this font tag? – Zack Apr 11 '13 at 2:07

The link color is set by a CSS rule that looks something like this:

a {
    text-decoration: none;
    color: #0645ad;
    background: none;

Since this rule applies only to a elements (i.e. links), the only way (short of JavaScript trickery) to make it automatically apply to a given piece of text on any wiki is to actually wrap that piece of text in a link. Sorry.

That said, if you just want a piece of text that has a different color on different wikis, that's easy — just wrap it in a span element, give the span a custom class name, and add a CSS rule to your wiki's site stylesheet (Common.css) defining what color the text should have, like this:

HTML (on wiki page):

<span class="mysterious">This text will appear in a color defined in this
wiki's site stylesheet.</span>

CSS (in Common.css):

span.mysterious {
    color: #0645ad;  /* make it look like a link */

That way, if you copy the page to a different wiki with different CSS, the text will look different.

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