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I am trying to change a date displayed in this format "d/m/Y" into this format "d-m-Y", and I wrote the code below:

//Add $license years to today
$today = date("j-m-Y");
$license = $row_customize['license'];
$startdate = $row_customize['startdate'];
list($d,$m,$Y) = explode('/',$startdate);
$newstartDate = $d."-".$m."-".$Y;
$enddate= date("j-m-Y", strtotime("$newstartDate +$license years"));
echo $today;
echo $enddate;

$today displayed correctly, but $enddate is showing me a date in 1970 e.g 1-01-1970.

Please what have I done wrong?

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Probably not your problem, but if you're looking for an unambiguous date format to format into, always use Y-m-d, not d-m-Y, as "03-05-2013" means "5th March", not "3rd May" in the USA. –  IMSoP Apr 10 '13 at 22:46

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I would put

$newstartDate = $d."-".$m."-".(intval($Y)+intval($license));
$enddate= date("j-m-Y", strtotime($newstartDate));

I think the format "<date> + n years" is not allowed for strtotime()

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Still showing 1970 –  user2209076 Apr 10 '13 at 22:25
maybe print values of $license, $startDate and $newStartDate. They can help you (and/or us) to understand what is going wrong. –  p91paul Apr 10 '13 at 22:37
I printed the values, they all came out correct as expected, except $enddate which still remained 1970 –  user2209076 Apr 10 '13 at 22:48

The default date is 0 which equates to 01-01-1970. So both $newstartDate and $license years are 0 so when added together the result is still 0. So the questions are why is $newstartDate and $license set to 0.

I think like p91paul said you may not be able to use n Years. I think also $newstartDate may be in an unsupported format. Could you use $startDate in the function and then perform the format change after?

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