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I have 4 jsp files and 1 js file: index.jsp, connect.jsp, load1.jsp, load2.jsp, and function.js. Please see codes below to understand the relationship between them.


<%@include file = "load1.jsp" %>
<%@include file = "load2.jsp" %>


    public String makeConnection(){
        String str = "connect to database";
        return str;


<%@include file = "connect.jsp" %>
<button onclick = "doXHR()">load2</button>


<%@include file = "connect.jsp" %>


function doXHR(){
    ..."GET", "load2.jsp", true);

Please note that those codes are not actual code since I have to make it simpler so I can post them here. The problem is when I go to index.jsp, there will be error like makeConnection() is already defined.

If I remove this line <%@include file = "connect.jsp" %> from load2.jsp, it will work but if then I click the button, it will give 500 status code and its error is like cannot find symbol: method makeConnection().

How can I solve this? Thanks!

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