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I'm trying to use whenever with dropbox. I created Core Api App on Dropbox site. After running whenever I got this error:

Couldn't get access token. Server returned 401: Unauthorized. Visit the following URL to authorize your Dropbox App with Backup: https://www.dropbox.com/1/oauth/authorize?oauth_token=0CV3BXK6enDIQe7H

After running this url I got

The app My_App would like to connect with your Dropbox.

After hit on the Allow button:

Success! Your Dropbox account is now connected with My_App

After all this I'am getting this error and in App Console on Dropbox site I can't turn My_App in production mode:

Please test this app!There are no users linked to this app. Please test this app's API integration with your my_email account before applying for production status.

How correct to use Dropbox with whenever gem for backup my DB?

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