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In iPhone software I want to determine if user like facebook page, then some features will make active. I found this: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like/ but it makes iFrame and I put it in my webView, but if user liked it this features must be active on every device he or she got.

It is posible?

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Unfortunately if you put this in a normal UIWebView it will not work as intended. A user's cookies from other apps and Mobile Safari are not included when a UIWebView requests a URL. This means that Facebook has no way of authenticating the user to determine if they have liked an object in the Social Graph.

I recommend that you that a look at Facebook's SDK for iOS. https://developers.facebook.com/ios/ They will offer some means of checking a user's likes. It will deal with user authentication and is relatively easy to get started with.

Hope this helps!

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