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I ma using in SQLAlchemy uuid4 for one column and I got value like 16d11d6abdaf4fe9905a56e0be8d15d1 I need to send this id to client using json format and in future to receive from client id and make query over database. I am sending like

result = {'id': str(id)}
#this is from Tornado handler

when I send from user json with id which I received, on server I extract like

data = tornado.escape.json_decode(self.request.body)
id = data.get('id', None)
#also tornado handler when I receive id from client
#I also have tried like uuid.UUID(bytes=id.bytes) but also get error

I always get error like badly formed hexadecimal string. How to send to client and from client to server uuid in json ?

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The frist:

result = {'id': str(id)}
#If the given chunk is a dictionary, we write it as JSON and set
#the Content-Type of the response to be application/json.


#Returns the value of the argument with the given name
id = self.get_argument("id")

I'm sorry,My English is poor

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