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I have a duration column in my database table in which I want to insert a timespan, like 02:00 or 19:20 (hours and minutes), the column type is time. The user sees a form with two dropdown lists, one for the minutes and one for the hours:

=f.select :durationhours, options_for_select((0..23).to_a)
=f.select :durationminutes, options_for_select((0..59).to_a)

The form is generated with form_for, and I don't have any durationminutes or durationhours in my database so I'm using validates_acceptance_of in my model.

attr_accessible :durationhours, :durationminutes #not sure this line is necessary
validates_acceptance_of :durationhours, :durationminutes

When the form is submitted I'm trying to put hours and minutes together and save them into the database, but this is failing, without showing any errors (only Rollback is mentioned in terminal). What I want to do is something like:

@record.duration = params[:record][:durationhours].to_s.rjust(2, "0") + ":" + params[:record][:durationminutes].to_s.rjust(2, "0")
# but I even tried this, and it doesn't work:
@record.duration = "13:30"

Without the line above where I manually set duration, @record.save works fine. This is the error I'm getting with @record.errors.inspectafter save is executed:

#<ActiveModel::Errors:0x10ba5be08 @messages=#<OrderedHash {:durationhours=>["must be accepted"],
:durationminutes=>["must be accepted"]}>, @base=#<Record id: nil, details: "",
happened: "2013-04-11 02:19:10", duration: "2000-01-01 12:12:00", activity_id: 17,
created_at: nil, updated_at: nil, price: nil>>
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validates_acceptance_of is not the validation you want to use here. That validator validates that a boolean value is set.

That said, rather than creating a string, consider storing your duration as an integer.

self.duration = self.durationminutes.to_i.minutes + self.durationseconds.to_i

That will give you a duration in seconds, which you can store in a single integer field in your DB.

durationminutes = 10
durationseconds = 24
duration = durationminutes.minutes + durationseconds
=> 624

624 / 1.minute => 10
624 - 10.minutes => 24
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But without validates_acceptance_of I wasn't able to add an hours and minutes dropdown to my form (form_for expects table columns) so how would I go about doing that? – networkprofile Apr 11 '13 at 0:51
add attr_accessor :durationhours, :durationminutes (not to be confused with attr_accessible. This will create getters and setters on instances of that class for those attributes. – Chris Heald Apr 11 '13 at 0:53
Make sure you keep the attr_accessible directives, too. You need both. accessor creates getters and setters, accessible tells Rails that it's okay to mass-assign them. – Chris Heald Apr 11 '13 at 1:09
Yes I just figured that out, thanks for the quick reply though :) One last question: any idea why it would be adding three minus signs before the number? I even tried clearing duration first but it keeps adding --- before the number in database. I'm just using @record.duration = hh.to_i.hours + mm.to_i.minutes – networkprofile Apr 11 '13 at 1:12
That sounds like your value is being serialized to YAML before it's stored in the DB. Did you change the column type to an integer? – Chris Heald Apr 11 '13 at 1:13

You can do it like this

irb> time = '20'.to_i.hours + '05'.to_i.minutes
=> 72300 seconds
irb> Time.at time
=> 1970-01-01 21:05:00 +0100

I'm not sure why it changes to the +1 time on my console but you can get the utc by doing:

irb> Time.at(time).utc
=> 1970-01-01 20:05:00 UTC
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