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Hi i am trying to populate Listview from database using EF4. I tried to populate with the below code but nothing populate in the listview although items are fetching. Please help me how do i proceed.

 private void FillListView()
        using (DiagnosoftDataContext context = new DiagnosoftDataContext())
            var user = from c in context.Users
                          select new
                              Code =,
                              Name = c.age,
                              Sex  =,
                              DOB =  c.dob,


            //Bind the ListView
            // Create items and subitems for each item.

            listView1.View = View.Details;
            ListViewItem lv = new ListViewItem("lv", 0);

            var item = user.ToList();

            foreach (var u in item)


            // Create columns for the items and subitems. 

            listView1.Columns.Add("Name", -2, HorizontalAlignment.Left);
            listView1.Columns.Add("Age", -2, HorizontalAlignment.Left);
            listView1.Columns.Add("Sex", -2, HorizontalAlignment.Left);
            listView1.Columns.Add("DOB", -2, HorizontalAlignment.Left);

Thanks in advance.

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The problem is that you are not adding the created ListViewItem(s) to the ListView.


The creation of ListViewItem seems a little bit strange. In the foreach you are adding for each user 4 subitems with the values of first user of your enumeration.

I think that is not what you want and you want to add an item for each user with its values.

foreach (var user in item){
  ListViewItem lv = new ListViewItem(user.Name);


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