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My basic goal is to create a facet based on the returned object type, not any specific field of the various objects. I have a search in my controller that returns multiple types of objects. It looks like this:

def search
  @raw_results = ProductReview, Vendor, Product do |query|
    query.with(:class, params[:item_type]) if params[:item_type].present?
  @returned_items = @raw_results.results

If I call this controller with /search?search=note, I get back the correct items and the correct list of facets.

I added the query.with(:class, params[:item_type]) line and now if I call the link /search?item_type=ProductReview&search=notes I get the error:

undefined method `name' for "ProductReview":String

Is there a more straightforward way to create a facet on object type? If not, what am I doing wrongif?

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Nothing a like a good 1/2 nights sleep. There may be a more elegant way but this worked well...

I added a new method (class_name) into every Model I wanted to index:

def class_name

(Actually, I put this into a module called SharedMethods and included SharedMethods in each model.)

In each model's searchable block I added:

searchable do
  string :class_name

And then just referenced :class_name when setting up the facet. Worked!

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