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In Xcode I added MailCore as a subproject, and target dependency. It works great on my machine. Sadly when I share the project with another collaborator, he's unable to get the header file to show up.

My search paths

Somehow his search paths have my folder names hardcoded in (as in andrewjl), is there a way to fix this in order to point to an analogous directory on his machine?

enter image description here

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Instead of using an absolute search path, use a relative one.

"$(SRCROOT)" is where your projectfile is located.

"$(SRCROOT)/AnotherFolder" for AnotherFolder is a peer of your project file

once add this variable, to the search path (after double tapping on the searchpaths line), you can add "$(SRCROOT)/Products/MyReceipt.........." and once you dismiss the add/remove searchPath popover, you'll see where the search path is pointing to.

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Your search paths are absolute paths. Write them as relative paths (relative to the project).

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