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This listener is currently triggered with a click in a ref in div shown below. Using jquery, how can I trigger the event programatically? - or may be better to re-write the listener.

$("#flipPad a:not(.revert)").bind("click",function(){
    var $this = $(this);
        direction: $this.attr("rel"),
        color: $this.attr("rev"),
        content: $this.attr("title"), 
        onBefore: function(){$(".revert").show()}
    return false;


<div id="flipbox">Message1</div>
<div id="flipPad">
<a href="#" class="left" rel="rl" rev="#39AB3E" title="Change content as <em>you</em> like!">left</a>
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possible duplicate of jQuery - Programmatically Trigger Event – jahroy Apr 11 '13 at 1:37
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You can do this:

$('#flipPad a:not(.revert)').click();

You can also do this:

$('#flipPad a:not(.revert)').trigger('click');

Links to documentation:

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This should trigger it programmatically (fire the event handler):

$("#flipPad a:not(.revert)").click();
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