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I'm working on an web appliaction that will sync the content of only one Evernote notebook in the user's account. I have read the Evernote Synchronization via EDAM from Evernote. Still would like to know what the best practice would be.

I'm not going to sync every notebook in the user's account. One way is by using NoteStore.getSyncChunk or NoteStore.getFilteredSyncChunk. While the other is using NoteStore.findNotesMetadata with a NoteFilter.word set with updated:[datetime] search term (Search Grammar - Search Terms) .

Here's my questions:

What would the best practice when I sync the content at the first time? Should I use "sync chunk" or just "find notes".

For further syncs, is it okay to sync through "find notes" and filter by updated time?

Thank you.

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After digging in more on the Evernote documentation, I found my answers. Refer to the Watching for Changes at Evernote website, I should use NoteStore.findNoteMetadata for my initial sync and register for a webhook which will let Evernote notify me whenever an change is made.

Using Sync Chunk for initial sync is does not help me sync just one Evernote notebook after all.

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