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I have a RelationList field for Dexterity Type Info to relate with another Type Venue :

venue = RelationList(

Venue items are created in a specific folder, /info, how can I make browsing directly starting from the /info folder, instead of from the / folder ?

enter image description here

My instance now runs on Plone 4.2.4 and plone.app.dexterity 1.2.1.

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I find a related discussion 3 years ago: groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!msg/dexterity-development/… But anyone can hint what is the best practice for this requirement? –  marr Apr 11 '13 at 4:02

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To limit the path of the ObjPathSourceBinder one could do the following:

source=ObjPathSourceBinder(navigtion_tree_query = {
    "path": {"query":"/my/path" }

or you could just add a "path" argument to your code:


The navigation_tree_query argument ist described here:

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