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Can I know is there any other chart plugin other than Raphael? I want to try other plugin where Raphael is not working for me..

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There are two reasons why Raphael may be a wrong choice for you:

  1. You want performance.
  2. You want real charting.


Titanium is an interpreted engine. Anything other than basic website and animation that runs in a WebView is going to be slow, especially when you have data funneling back and forth between the WebView and the app. You may want to look at using a native module instead: https://marketplace.appcelerator.com/apps/4968?1402012027

If your charting needs are constrained to a (very) limited set of permutations, the alternative is simply to use a bunch of ImageViews to create your chart.


Raphael is actually not a charting library, but a graphics library. I think you were looking for gRaphael. If you want to chart in a WebView, any web-based charting libraries work just as well, like Dojo Charting, YUI Charts, and Google Chart Tools.

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