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I have a fairly complex bit of logic which, as I just discovered, results in a record simply vanishing. I'll try and lay out the code's logic...

  • We have around 1,000 clients in our database
  • Once a year, we send two letters in order (first one must go out first, then the second one about a month later)
  • In order for us to be able to send the letters, a set of about 30 checks and balances need to be checked on each client's information. Things like, "Do we have a record of the clients X", "Do we have information pertaining to client's Y". Just a set of information we need to have on file before we can send the letters.
  • For clients who have missing information, I have created a "Staging Area" which show a list of clients with missing information, and what info they are missing.
  • Clients will all information (ie: we can send the 1st letter) go into the "Ready for First Letter" area
  • At any time, we might loose some information which should cause the client to leave the "Ready for First Letter" area and return to the "Staging Area".
  • The user should rectify the situation (add the missing information) to kick the client back into the "Ready for First Letter" area
  • After the first letter is send, the clients then go to the "Ready for Second Letter" area. Again, if at any time we loose some information, the client should pop out of the "Ready for Second Letter" area and return to the staging area.

What I'm finding is happening is that a client will be in the "Ready for First Letter" area and then we'll loose some information. The client should just move over to the "Stagin Area". However, the record simple vanishes! It seems to be getting deleted and I can't find anywhere in my code the keyword delete. I'm kinda confused why this would be happening.

I know it's hard to make any sort of "you're doing it wrong there" type of comments without me posting code, but I don't really know what to post since there is a LOT of code to make this all happen (I'm generalizing a lot of what is happening).

I suppose I'm wondering if there are circumstances where a record might be removed by Django or deleted. Does this happen? Seems crazy if so...


* Edit * Partial insight:

I think I've located where the mystery is occurring. I have been testing a specific bit of information by removing it from the client's record to see if the client does, in fact, return to the staging area. When I remove this specific information, the client's record disappears too. Here's my code (not copy and pasted, just a re-written idea):

c = client.objects.get(pk=1)
tmp = c.specificInfo
c.specificInfo = None

I should point out that c.specificInfo is a Foreign Key. So, presumably I was assigning a different record to tmp and then deleting that item. Doing so has the side effect of removing client too.

Very confusing...

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is there a signal that does some post_delete kind of operations. Also, do you see the record in the django admin interface? – karthikr Apr 11 '13 at 4:17
It was in the admin interface that I watched it dissappear. I was struggling to see where the record was going (maybe I missed it move form the Staging to a "Ready for Letter" area). I would look at it in Admin interface, then intentionally remove some information, then reload the non-admin page and it would disappear. I move back to the admin interface, hit reload and same deal - disappear. I went through all 10 pages of the admin interface to see if it was reordered, but nothing. I'm not aware of any post_delete operations. – Garfonzo Apr 11 '13 at 4:19
easiest thing to do would be to remember the id of an object that would get "deleted" and go to django ./ shell and access the object - to know if it is actually getting deleted – karthikr Apr 11 '13 at 4:31
If its not in the admin page, is it not safe to assume its been deleted? I have found out where, in my code, it seems to be happening. I'll post an edit above... – Garfonzo Apr 11 '13 at 4:44
well.. it is very much possible to override the default admin views. I am just saying it could be a possibility. Very hard to reverse engineer without knowing the actual system – karthikr Apr 11 '13 at 4:46

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