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So i had this issue that occurred when I ran a Matlab script. Here is an a simple example that illustrates it:

So its important to outline the file structure:


now say i have a script like this:

-> script.m


it would simply print out the files in the folder.

Now the wierd thing, if i run the script in the Subfolder like this:


it will do this:

>> a1.csv    a2.csv    a3.csv

but if i do this in the folder:


it will only print out

>> script.m

So obviously it is acting as if i ran it form MainFolder rather than SubFolder.

What is the point of this functionality?

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The dir command shows the directory contents of Matlab's current directory, not that of where the script is located. So the script showed you the directory contents of wherever you happened to be in the Matlab command prompt when you called that script.

To get what you want, use this in the script:

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Also note that you can use the cd command to change the current directory: cd('new/working/directory'). –  Florian Brucker Apr 11 '13 at 6:01

Use pwd to see current dir

Use cd to change directory

Use path to see if your project folders are included in the path

Use which to see you are calling the right *.m file (in case there is multiple .m files with same name on the path)

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That's not really an answer to my question, but thank you. –  Ben Apr 14 '13 at 22:47

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