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I have a table in the following way.

1005004 2005004 ssn 100000006 100000006
1005006 2005006 ssn 100000007 100000007
1005009 2005009 ssn 100000008 100000008
1005012 2005012 ssn 100000009 100000009
1005014 2005014 ssn 100000010 100000010
1005017 2005017 ssn 100000011 100000011

I wanted to replace first two characters of TAX_ID_NO, TAX_ID_DRV_UPCS_NO with 25 in place of 10. The columns data type is varchar2. What would be the update query for this

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What have you tried? –  Richard Brown Apr 11 '13 at 5:03
I have mentioned it already, they are varchar2 types. I have tried with replace function, but didn't workout. –  user1614862 Apr 11 '13 at 5:09

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I think this will do your need.



String Concat

replace(TAX_ID_NO,TAX_ID_NO,'25'||substr( TAX_ID_NO, 3,length(TAX_ID_NO)-2))
replace(TAX_ID_DRV_UPCS_NO ,TAX_ID_DRV_UPCS_NO ,'25'||substr( TAX_ID_DRV_UPCS_NO , 3,length(TAX_ID_NO)-2))


Finally you have to Update the table as

   SET TAX_ID_NO = replace(TAX_ID_NO,TAX_ID_NO,'25'||substr( TAX_ID_NO, 3,length(TAX_ID_NO)-2)),
   SET TAX_ID_DRV_UPCS_NO = replace(TAX_ID_DRV_UPCS_NO ,TAX_ID_DRV_UPCS_NO ,'25'||substr( TAX_ID_DRV_UPCS_NO , 3,length(TAX_ID_NO)-2))
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Thanks for all your replies, it worked out :) –  user1614862 Apr 11 '13 at 5:50

Please try:

  '25'||substr(TAX_ID_NO, 3), 
  '25'||substr(TAX_ID_DRV_UPCS_NO, 3) 
From YourTable;

Update your table using

update YourTable
set TAX_ID_NO='25'||substr(TAX_ID_NO, 2),
    TAX_ID_DRV_UPCS_NO='25'||substr(TAX_ID_DRV_UPCS_NO, 2);
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