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Say I have a backbone router like:

  ""                          : "homepage"
  "catalog/:id"               : "catalogPage"
  "catalog/:id/products/:id2" : "productPage"

homepage   :           -> doStuff()
catalogPage: (id)      -> doOtherStuff()
productPage: (id, id2) -> doEvenMoreStuff()

and a function:

executeBefore = -> console.log("hello")

If I want executeBefore to be called and executed each time a route is called and before the corresponding route method, is there a simple way to do it apart from inserting a call to executeBefore at the beginning of every route method ?

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You can override the route function in your router class to intercept the route calls :

var Router = Backbone.Router.extend({
    routes: {
        "" : "homepage",
        "catalog/:id" : "catalogPage"

    route: function(route, name, callback) {
        var router = this;
        if (!callback) callback = this[name];

        var f = function() {
            console.log('route before', route);
            callback.apply(router, arguments);
            console.log('route after', route);
        return Backbone.Router.prototype.route.call(this, route, name, f);

    homepage: function() {
    catalogPage: function(id) {
        console.log("catalogPage "+id);

var r = new Router();

And a demo http://jsfiddle.net/nikoshr/EdLzh/

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This solution works well. That said the docs refer to an 'execute' method that should provide similar functionality (albeit at runtime). Doesn't work for me - has anyone else had any luck with it?backbonejs.org/#Router-execute –  som Mar 23 at 7:23

You can play with the Events :

Backbone.history.on('route', function () {
    // Do your stuff here.

visiting #help/uploading will fire a route:help event from the router.

Apparently, this would be triggered before the redirection :


Backbone.history.route(route, function(fragment) {
    var args = router._extractParameters(route, fragment);
    callback && callback.apply(router, args);
    router.trigger.apply(router, ['route:' + name].concat(args));
    router.trigger('route', name, args);
    Backbone.history.trigger('route', router, name, args);
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