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Any tips of how to make sure the post script runs ? I have a pre & post shell script which I append befor and after the shar file, what happens is that the post script which is supposed to extract my tar doesn't execute. So I have done the following:

  1. Created Pre.sh & post.sh
  2. Created a create shar script which does:

    cat Pre.sh > $sharfile
    shar my.tar.gz >> $sharfile 
    cat Post.sh >> $sharfile 

The create shar has a first arg of the tar.gz name so basically I can control what tar I'm passing to the create_shar script.

For debugging I put set -x in the Pre script but the output just terminates just after unpacking (not extracting ) the tar into the current dir, then it exits.

Must be something very simple I am missing here ...

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First, use shar to pack a file, any file. Don't use any redirection so that you see the commands on the standard output. Note that the last line that you see is exit 0. This is what is causing your compound script to exit after unpacking my.tar.gz.

How to fix:

cat Pre.sh > $sharfile
shar my.tar.gz | sed '/^exit 0/d' >> $sharfile 
cat Post.sh >> $sharfile 

This removes the last line that starts with exit 0 from the shar, and allows the Post.sh script to run.

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