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I am going to learn F#. In my lecturer notes, they have simply asked to open VS 2010, open project, select other languages and select F# ! I have VS 2010 express, and everything is separated into different software like Visual C++, Visual C# etc, there is no F# !

In this thread (Is F# 3.0 available on Visual Studio 2010 professional?) I found it is in VS 2012 express so I downloaded it. But, again I can't find F#!

How to make a F# project in VS express? Please help!


At least, is this is available in Visual Studio 2010 Professional? Please help!

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@JohnPalmer: Thanks a lot for the reply. Basically I am a Java programmer and yea, C++ too. I have no much experience with VS. Can you please help me with step by step instructions, with related download links? I really appreciate it :) –  JustCause Apr 11 '13 at 7:37
@JohnPalmer: And yes, VS 2012 express is better because they will definitely run and compile my code with VS 2010 full version and not VS 2012. Please help –  JustCause Apr 11 '13 at 7:39
In vs 2010 pro you should be able to use microsoft.com/en-au/download/details.aspx?id=13450 –  John Palmer Apr 11 '13 at 7:57
@JohnPalmer: So, I need to install VS 2010 PROFESSIONAL and that F# plugin. Right? Please help, I have no exp. with VS rather than visual C++ –  JustCause Apr 11 '13 at 7:59
install either VS 2010 PRO or the free shell microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=115 and then the F# plugin –  John Palmer Apr 11 '13 at 8:47

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Download Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web (it is important, you cannot use F# with Visual Studio Express 2012 for Desktop or other), then install F# Tools for Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web. Full description how to do this is on msdn blog

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Thanks for the reply..But, I am not going to make web apps! Please help –  JustCause Apr 11 '13 at 7:44
Look at this youtube: youtube.com/watch?v=e4R9EfFNgLU it show how to write desktop app in VS 2012 for Web –  Garath Apr 11 '13 at 7:53

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