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My current PreferenceActivity displays the HomeAsUp icon in the top left corner (I have not to explain you this left carret ;-) )


The big problems come when I use a "subpreference" screen like this:

<PreferenceCategory android:title="Detail Screens">
            android:title="My Preference Screen"
            android:summary="The icon is sown in this page and that's great">
                android:title="This is an other screen"
                android:summary="Unfortunately, no custom icon or HomeAsUp here!."

In the second screen, the default icon is shown with the the default title. How can I programatically set the icon and HomeAsUp?

I know I could create a second Activity (and that's what I plan to do if no answer) but it would really be better if I could keep only one preference screen.

Any idea // suggestion?

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That's an Android bug!


Sounds like I have to start a new Activity!

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