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How can I most efficiently connect AbInitio with QLikView and UC4? I am familiar with the QVX option. Is What ist the interface between these two systems. (Description in German would use me better, but in English is also )

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i'm not familiar with connecting with this systems. But if they have a proper api you can try code an qvsource (http://www.qvsource.com/) connector which will make the connection between the systems an qv.

Regards! Stefan

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As Stefan notes, QVSource might be an option - it has a General XML/JSON/SOAP Web Connector (wiki.qvsource.com/General-Web-Connector-For-QlikView.ashx) which allows you to construct HTTP requests and parse the response into a format which QlikView/Qlik Sense can read. You will find a number of examples showing it connecting to various types of APIs on the above doc page. –  chrisb Oct 14 at 7:31

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