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I wondering if it is possible to “sub map” mapped objects in ForMemeber. I have a mapping for class a to b configured. Then I have two new classes I need to map c and d, but the structure is different so I have to use ForMember to map configure mapping between them. But both c and d has properties with classes that users a in source and b in destination. Is there a way to say use the already configured mapping for the inner a to b mapping for the properties in c and d?

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If I understand this right, you have something like

public class a
    public int Foo { get; set; }

public class b
    public int Bar { get; set; }

public class c
    public a Baz { get; set; }

public class d
    public b Qux { get; set; }

And you want to the properties in classes c and d to be mapped without having to redefine the mapping for a and b?

If so, you get that by default. Something like this should do it:

public static class AutoMapperConfigurator
    public static void Configure()
        AutoMapper.Mapper.CreateMap<a, b>()
            .ForMember(dest => dest.Bar, opt => opt.MapFrom(src => src.Foo));
        AutoMapper.Mapper.CreateMap<c, d>()
            .ForMember(dest => dest.Qux, opt => opt.MapFrom(src => src.Baz));

If you instead meant something else, please update your question to clarify.

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Thank you. That is what i meant. –  Gaotter Apr 12 '13 at 6:52

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