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Whenever I try to debug my website, it stops many times in the jQuery .js file, even if there are no breakpoints there. This is very annoying, as I only want to debug where I have put breakpoints in my code.

How can i make chrome ignore the jQuery core file when debugging, and only focus on the places where I have put a breakpoint?

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When debuggin using Chrome the only reason the debugger stops inside the jQuery files is if you use F11 (step-in) while debugging instead of F8 (pause/continue execution) or if an error was encountered and you have pause on errors enabled.

Off course any debugger; lines will also force the execution to halt.

To ignore errors there is a little circle icon in the Sources tab on the bottom which can be clicked into 3 states.

  • Gray State = Don't Pause on Exceptions
  • Blue State = Pause on all exceptions
  • Purple State = Paus only on uncaught exceptions

See image below regarding the icon I'm refering to, click it for the different states.

Also, on the right of the image you can see different sections like: DOM Breakpoints and XHR Breakpoints, etc. Check those have no breakpoints either, just-in case.

Hope this helps.

enter image description here

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Adjusting the little pause icon in the bottom left and setting it to "Dont pause on exceptions" fixed it. Thanks alot. This saves me a lot of time :) – Kenci Apr 11 '13 at 9:33
You may want to leave that on and use blackboxing instead, see my answer below – Jonathan Leaders Jul 21 '15 at 19:23

Blackboxing (ignoring exceptions in certain files) is now natively supported in google chrome.

development tools > settings > Manage framework blackboxing

And even easier, just right click in the file and say Blackbox this script

Firefox has auto-blackboxing of minified JS files even!

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I believe you're looking for a recent developer feature called "black boxing". The feature will allow debuggers to essentially step through library code while step debugging.

You can read more about it here:

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