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I'm trying to instantiate the following class defined in the boost libraries

defined in boost/interprocess/detail/segment_manager_helper.hpp

 template<class CharType>
 class char_ptr_holder
    char_ptr_holder(const CharType *name)
    : m_name(name)

  char_ptr_holder(const anonymous_instance_t *)
     : m_name(static_cast<CharType*>(0))

  char_ptr_holder(const unique_instance_t *)
    : m_name(reinterpret_cast<CharType*>(-1))

  operator const CharType *()
  {  return m_name;  }

   const CharType *m_name;

But I'm not able to. I'm confused because m_name is a pointer, but is being "constructed" in the initialization list with an argument of CharType *.


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For example

char_ptr_holder<char> value("Hello!");
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ah right .. i templated it with <char*> and was wondering ... thank you –  Aditya Sihag Apr 11 '13 at 9:13

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