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I'm developing a Chrome Extension to download links on a webpage. I came across some links there were not a direct download, for example like this one http://downloads.sourceforge.net/sevenzip/7z920-x64.msi

When I trace the link on fiddler, I'm getting HTTP Status 302 (which is a redirect). So I'm trying to test the link before downloading using XMLHTTPRequest, but I can't retrieve status 302, XMLHTTPRequest is only retrieving the file status which is 200?

Is there a trick around this to make it stop at 302 or perhaps a different alternative to AJAX calls?

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This is possible with the use of the chrome.webRequest api. 302's and the like are normally handled silently by the browser, but you can use this method to stop them or make them more visible to your code.

    var redirUrl;
      if(v.name == "Location"){
       redirUrl = v.value;
       details.responseHeaders.splice(i,1);  //Kill the redirect
    return {responseHeaders:details.responseHeaders}; 
{urls: ["http://*/*"],tabId:-1},["responseHeaders","blocking"]);

I specified a tabId of -1, which means it should only work for requests not coming from a tab, i.e. a background page. This will silently prevent the redirect while allowing you access to both the 302 status and the url to redirect to.

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Is there any such API for Chrome Apps? The documentation does't mention anything except the usual XHR object. (developer.chrome.com/apps/api_index) –  Osiris Jan 15 at 17:20
@Osiris Not that I know of. I have little to no experience with apps, but one of these links might be what you are looking for: Google Groups or WebRequestEventInteface –  BeardFist Jan 19 at 6:56

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