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I am currently using forever-monitor to spawn a basic HTTP Node Server, although when I execute the JavaScript that executes the forever-monitor scripts, it isn't sent to the background, when I exit the TTY session, the HTTP server stops.

The code I am using to spawn the server follows.

The question I am asking really is, should I be using Forevers CLI to spawn the script that spawns subsequent servers programatically?

var forever = require('forever-monitor');

  var child = new (forever.Monitor)('streams.js', {
    max: 3,
    silent: true,
    options: []

  child.on('exit', function () {
    console.log('streams.js has exited after 3 restarts');

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This is a great question. Because this script is now the currently active TTY script. And only leads you down to recursion hell. Do you forever the forever-monitor script? –  jnovack Jan 24 at 16:30

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You can either start that script with forever by running

forever start [your-script.js]

or if you don't want to install Forever's CLI you can just run

nohup node [your-script.js] > nohup.log &
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