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I need to load properties from a file and change the string the following way :



into :

-Pprop1=value1 -Pprop2=value2 -Pprop3=value3

(Basically I want to add -P in the beginning of each line and remove the newlines)

I have used tokenfilter the following way :

<loadfile property="" srcFile="${properties.file}">
        <tokenfilter delimoutput=" -P">
            <ignoreblank />

The problem with this approach is that if, lets say the file ends with empty new lines, I get the following string :

prop1=value1 -Pprop2=value2 -Pprop3=value3 -P
  1. I don't get a -P on the first property (nothing has to do with the newlines at the end of the file). This is easy to overcome with Ant by just concatenating a -P string with the result string
  2. A problem that I need to overcome is the -P at the end. Anyone has a suggestion to fix this ?

Also, a nice addition would be to ignore properties comments - lines that start with # but if it's complicates stuff too much, it's not important.


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Does the following work for you?

  <replaceregex pattern="^[#].*" replace="" />
  <ignoreblank />
  <prefixlines prefix=" -P" />
  <striplinebreaks />
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With a slight adjustment it does exactly what I need. just add <ignoreblank /> between <replaceregex> and <prefixlines>. Change the answer and i'll accept it. Thanks ! – Michael Apr 11 '13 at 11:04
According to the docs for replaceregex it should be match and not pattern. See – Manfred Moser Dec 3 '14 at 23:53

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