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I have an editor, this is suppose to interact with property sheet and outline views. I used Iselectionprovider interface to achieve this, but I am not able to do interaction between the editor and views.

Please give me some sample code snippets for this.

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Type Alt+Shift+F1 right in the middle of your Java editor.
That will display the class of that editor:org.eclipse.jdt.internal.ui.javaeditor.CompilationUnitEditor

You will have then ton of example of listener between that editor and various other views, like that org.eclipse.jface.util.PropertyChangeEvent.

In short, Plug-in Spy is your friend for this kind of code exploration.

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How to use IPropertySourceProvider and IAdaptable for editors.I have got some examples for views only.Can you provide some sample code snippets for editor and properties view binding. regards Mathan –  Mathan Oct 26 '09 at 8:48

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