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I want to concatenate 2 samples with preference for Sample_2:

eg. Sample_1= rand(1000,28), Sample_2=normrnd(1.91,0.266,1000,28)

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OK so now I want to superimpose Sample_2 ontop of Sample_1, but with preference for the points of sample_2 (eg 80% sample 2 and 20% sample1). Ie i'd like more of Sample_2 points and less of Sample_1. This is for uncertainty analysis for a monte-carlo sampling for a model.

Perhaps something like:

Total_sample=randsample([Sample_1 Sample_2],1000,28,'false',[0.8 0.2]);

Error using randsample (line 74) POPULATION must be a vector.


Error using randsample (line 90) W must have length 56.

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The straightforward approach would be to generate random indices, and use them to overwrite 80% of the samples in Sample_1 with samples from Sample_2:

%// Copy samples from Sample_1
Total_Sample = Sample_1;

%// Overwrite 80% of the samples with values from Sample_2
N = numel(Sample_1);
idx = randperm(N);
Total_Sample(idx(1:0.8 * N)) = Sample_2(idx(1:0.8 * N));

Alternatively, the second part can also be implemented like so:

N = numel(Sample_1);
idx = randsample(1:N, 0.8 * N);
Total_Sample(idx) = Sample_2(idx);
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Thank you this is perfect! –  HCAI Apr 11 '13 at 10:43
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