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I meet a position when i using jsoup to extracting data. The data like this:

This is a <strong>strong</strong> number <date>2013</date>

I want to get data like this: This is a number

How can I do that? Can anyone help me?

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You can parse the html into a Document, select the body-Element and get its text.


Document doc = Jsoup.parse("This is a <strong>strong</strong> number <date>2013</date>");

String ownText = doc.body().ownText();
String text = doc.body().text();



This is a number  
This is a strong number 2013
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Thank you very mach! –  user2269351 Apr 15 '13 at 1:27

This should answer your question :

public String escapeHtml(String source) {
    Document doc = Jsoup.parseBodyFragment(source);
    Elements elements = doc.select("b");
    for (Element element : elements) {
        element.replaceWith(new TextNode(element.toString(),""));
    return Jsoup.clean(doc.body().toString(), new Whitelist().addTags("a").addAttributes("a", "href", "name", "rel", "target"));

Jsoup - Howto clean html by escaping not deleting the unwanted html?

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