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I'm trying to come up with command using AWK which will list down all the processes along with its number of instances running:

I'm using following command

ps axo pid,command  | awk -F/ '{print $1, $4}'

and I;m getting following result

 1727  sshd
 1807  httpd
 1834  abrtd
 1842 abrt-dump-oops -d  abrt -rwx
 1848  httpd
 1849  httpd
 1879  gpm -m

I want to above command so that it can display total number of process count along with the process, something as follows

 1   1727  sshd
 3   1807  httpd
 1   1834  abrtd
 1   1842 abrt-dump-oops -d  abrt -rwx
 1   1879  gpm -m

In fact I want to kill a process running more than 5 instances does not matter what process it is.

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This is not awk but it should produce the output you want.

ps axo pid,command | sort -k2 | uniq -c -f 1
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