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I use the code below and then save the result in a jpg file. But sometimes I get only a black image. It is not happening all the time, what can I do to prevent it? No error is thrown, only some screenshots are black. And I run it on Windows.

 $browser = new com('internetexplorer.application');
    $browserhandle = $browser->hwnd;
    $browser->visible = true;
    $browser->fullscreen = true;
    while ($browser->busy) {
        if ($timer + $timelimit < time()) {
    $img = imagegrabwindow($browserhandle, 0);
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Replace sleep(5) after imagegrabwindow(...)

It helped me solve the same problem

my code is :

$im = imagegrabwindow($handle, 0);
imagejpeg($im, "test.jpg");
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