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I used Rational-Rose and StartUML in the past years. Sometime ago, I accepted a training about modeling, and noticed the tools is UML. Now, I tried to use it modeling my system, and find the help-document in the official-website is incomplete and the tool is not good as the website claimed. For example, the function undo/redo is not supported, and some issues are not updated for a long time.

Has ArgoUML abandoned development for the next generation?

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There is lots of activity on the fora ArgoUML forums I'd voice your concerns and questions there.

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It looks like the development has been to sleep since the end of 2011 – harris Apr 13 '13 at 4:13

Not really, last release was in December 2011 and there's very little activity in their SVN tracker.

Consider that they have yet to implement features as Undo and Redo, and you'll get an idea the general state of the project.

You may like to know that there's an actively maintained fork of the original StarUML code, it's WhiteStarUML.

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