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I am trying to make a Google Chrome extension using content script. My goal is to have a display at the top of the page (which is already working on my own pages) that can interact with the page.

I need things which are very complicated to put together in an extension, due to security policies :

  • Using require.js on the extension (that works for now, using this Github repo)
  • Using a templating engine to describe my display : I need to add a lot of content to the page and I don't think writing HTML in javascript would be a good workflow.
  • For my current version I use jade with my server, but this is not possible with an extension. I think I need to use something like Angular.js or Backbone.js, but I can't make them work on the content script.
  • I need a lot of communication between my extension and the page : For example I need to detect almost constantly mouse moves
  • I need communication with my server using

Every bit of functionality of my extension have been developed and tried in a standalone web page, but now I need to integrate it in a real extension and I am really stuck

So due to these requirements, I am wondering what would be the right approach for building this : putting it all in an iFrame (would the server-side communication work? And how to communicate with the page ?), or a way to make a templating engine work nicely in there, or a solution I didn't think of?

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Try this:

  • Develop the HUD part as a standalone page that the content script will include in an iframe. You should be able to use Angular.js etc. with this, but you will need local copies of as much as possible and you'll need appropriate entries in the manifest.json to get it working in the extension. See/create other questions for the details.

  • Have your content script inject the code to monitor mouse-moves, etc. into the target page. Have this code digest and summarize the data, so it's not spamming the system. Maybe message the summaries to the HUD page and/or content script five or six times a second.

After that, it should just be a matter of getting the pieces working, one at a time. Break it down to specific problems and ask a question on one specific problem at a time (If you can't find the answers in previous questions).

I'm pretty sure what you appear to want is do-able, but the details are too broad for a single Stack Overflow question.

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