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Can anybody help to assign this xml as constant string in javascript. How to assign this xml as constant without any changes?

   "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"utf-8\"?>" +
    "<wp:Notification xmlns:wp=\"WPNotification\">
      " +
        " +
        "<wp:BackgroundImage>" + TextBoxBackgroundImage.Text + "</wp:BackgroundImage>" +
        "<wp:Count>" + TextBoxCount.Text + "</wp:Count>" +
        "<wp:Title>" + TextBoxTitle.Text + "</wp:Title>" +
        "<wp:BackBackgroundImage>" + TextBoxBackBackgroundImage.Text + "</wp:BackBackgroundImage>" +
        "<wp:BackTitle>" + TextBoxBackTitle.Text + "</wp:BackTitle>" +
        "<wp:BackContent>" + TextBoxBackContent.Text + "</wp:BackContent>" +
      </wp:Tile> " +

Thanks in advance

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Why do you need it to be constant? Javascript does not really have that. What do you want to achieve or avoid? – Thilo Apr 11 '13 at 12:10

JavaScript doesn't have a constant modifier.

Closest you could do is define it with defineProperty() and set writable to false.

Also, your string...

    " +

...won't work as the parser currently doesn't support multiline strings. You'll need to break it up with " + " or use the escape character as the last character.

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